Customer Support


Our Concierge Rep, Nicole, keeps very close contact and is always on the same page as me. He’s as much a part of my team as my colleagues here at the office.

Owner, Construction Company 


Stressing the “Human” in Human Resources

We are passionate about adding a personal touch to the screening process. Our reps strive for the highest standards of service and professional support, empowering clients to make the most of our relationship. As our client, you are paired with an executive-level concierge rep who serves as your liaison and bridges the gap between you and the highly complex process of a background check. Your rep attends to your every concern and request, monitors your growth and provides expansion options that maximize your experience with us. In a business of evaluating character, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about enlisting the perfect people to serve our clients.

Customer Support Features:

  • Designated point of contact
  • Direct team assistance
  • Domestic headquarters
  • Executive-level concierge
  • Private team access number
  • Process streamlining & client guidance