Suited to You

Our business encounters spikes of hirings and terminations that can be unpredictable. Stage One is always there for us.

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Optimize a Plan to Your Specific Needs

We offer a variety of partnership models tailored to the demands of your business. Select one of the options below, or speak with us about customizing a program that will meet your exact needs.

1. Contractor Screening Program

Ensure that contractors, vendors, temporary employees, and any other individuals that work in your company and can access your critical data and put you at risk, are screened at the same level that your employees are. Direct your contractors to a private webpage where they will complete background forms. They pay the fee, Stage One screens them, and we provide a pass/fail score according to standards you set.

2. Marketing Alliance Partnership

Share Stage One’s range of quality services with your clients and partners. Stage One will create a discounted group rate that you can share with your clients. We will customize a Member Landing Page that will make it easy for your clients to take advantage of the program. We will give you full access to view the success of the program through our Alliance Management Portal (AMP).

3. Direct Integration Partner

Incorporate our services directly into your current product offerings. We are flexible with our integrations and use the latest XML or web based solutions.

4. Volunteer Screening Partner

We know that non-profit organizations cannot always afford the added expense of a background check. Don’t let that deter you from knowing exactly who you are giving access to your organization. We will provide a custom website were volunteers are directed to pay for their own screening. Revenue share options are also available.

To learn more about all the benefits of our flexible partnerships, email us at