Cutting Edge
Built for Flexibility

Working with Stage One's IT department has been a pure pleasure. These guys really know their stuff!

CTO, Medical Center 


We Know Technology

At Stage One we believe that the modern demands of background screening require advanced technological solutions. That’s why we operate the most cutting-edge, flexible system in the industry. This allows us to customize all your pre-employment screening requests and provide a seamless communication of valuable data.

Our tech platform is a living, breathing response system. We have seen almost every type of specific request, and if we haven’t seen it, we’re prepared to handle it without skipping a beat. Guaranteed.

Want our solutions built into your current company systems? Read about our unique ATS and HRIS software integration capabilities.

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The Tech Advantage

Choosing Stage One is choosing a technological advantage

  • Fully automated integration options from any type ATS or HRIS software.
  • Access to real time order details
  • Live results summaries and detailed statistics
  • Customizable project scopes
  • GO paperless – reduce human error and internal cost.

All these benefits combined with Stage One’s personal, accessible customer service team mean the best of both worlds—state-of-the-art technology with a human touch!